Shohar ko Gulam Banane ka Wazifa

Shohar ko Gulam Banane ki Islamic Dua

Our society is male dominant, women are considered as born right and claimed by them especially when get married. Thoughts are changing day by day but still huge section of our population follows the same principle where wives are being targeted because of male ego or dominance. Freedom is right of every human; there should not be discrimination of independence on basis of gender. Law and rules are same for every individual. Those who are still struggling for this right, or in need of help when you find that may be your husband is not supportive with you, he doesn’t cooperate with you, trying to molest you or anything else which realizes you of injustice for yourself then one best solution available if Shohar ko gulam banana ka Wazifa. This one of the best solution to get rid from all the sufferings and is meant only for those ladies who are married and planning to cast this on their own husband for any of the intention or because of any cause. Following things has to be implemented to acquire results from the Wazifa are:-

  • Wazifa is only supposed to implement on Friday night.
  • Bring any of the belonging of your Shohar like hair strand of nail piece or piece of inner wear cloth.
  • Some holy elements which we will share to you need to be bundled along the belonging into green cloth.
  • Have some holy water and need to read the holy Verses that will ensures your interaction with eternal powers.

The only thing which need to be taken care is in right hand water should be there and in left hand that bundle should be there. And verses need to read for seven times, every time verse you completed, sprinkle that holy water onto the bundle. This process has to be done continuous Seven Fridays and then unwrap the bundle and out that facet in wallet of your husband or along with anything which he keeps with him. Make sure your shohar will never come to know about the entire process or else it will create disturbance in setup your control over him. Since the holy elements cannot be placed here. We expect you to ask us about your problem and after the discussion we will dispatch it to you. But in case if you are not interested in been through this process or looking for certain solutions which will grant you instant results without been through any going process. Because many time we got request that due to some privacy or personal cause ladies are not able to complete the process, for them we designed one taweez which is meant to get control over husband (shohar). This taweez is not any common amulet; we wrap it with abilities of Holy Wazifa which is implemented by us only. Once you tie it to your husband, it will shield your married life from being into any danger. It will allow you to access mind of your husband and make him to behave as per your intentions, you will be capable to make him dance on your tip, he do adore you, care for you, hail you and anything will be fulfilled by him about which you are expecting from him.

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