shohar ko kabu karne ka amal

Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal is a suggested remedy of solving love relationship issues. It is best means to regulate your shohar for opting a wrong path such as involving in drugs, often smoke and beating their wife by drinking alcohol. If your husband doesn’t find you attractive and if he have extra marital affair with another women which makes your family life disturbed thus it causes a wrong impacts on other family members even on your children’s also than you may imply this method. By applying our Shohar ko kabu karne ka amal you canh poessess your husband by the miracle power of these effective amal, your husband starts respecting you and it will helps you in saving your love relationship for getting break by generating feeling of adoration in your shohar heart for you.

Read this below amal for 28 days to overcome misunderstanding problems between shohar and wife. Recite these dua 108 times daily so that your husband starts loving you and become fond of you.

Amal: Ha Yaa Huqquu Bihakki Tunkaafeel

Kisi ko apne kabu me karne ka amal

Kisi ko apne kabu karne ka amal is especially designed process to possess someone whom you wanted to control by attracting them in your directions. You can personally establish a bonding or connection whom you desire, it can work in that situation when you feel you are losing your grip over that particular moment and your desires are not getting be fulfilled. So by contacting our powerful Islamic love marriage expert have lot of years of practices and experienced they built kisi ko karne ka amal by which you can get command over someone whom you looking to get control as per premises. So by asking your relationship issues or troubles with our experts and get free guidance you will never get renunciation for your desires. We are offering you an amazing services of amal, dua and wazifa by which you can resolve compatibility issue with ease.

Shohar Ko Vash me Kaise Kare Hindi Me

अगर किसी औरत का सोहर उससे मोहब्त न करता हो और उससे नाराज रहता हो और जो चाहती है वो न करता हो तो अपने सोहर को अपने वस् में करने के लिये सबसे पहले 21 दिन तक 5 वक्त की नमाज पड़े फिर 21 दिन बाद 1 नारियल ,मिठाई ,2 अंडा और 1 लाल कपड़ा लेकर सब चीजों  को कपडे में बांध दे फिर उस पर 11 मर्तबा दुआ यासीन सरीफ और 11 मर्तबा दुरूद सरीफ पड़ कर अपने सोहर के नाम से रात 11 बजे सोमवार को कब्रिस्तान में दफना दे और घर आकर रात 3 बजे ताजुत की नमाज पड़ कर दुआ करे और अपने सोहर पर 3 मर्तबा फुक मारे जिससे आप को जल्दी ही बहुत फायदा होगा

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