Wazifa for disobedient wife

Wazifa is a powerful and miraculous gift of almighty Allah to fought with troubles of their followers and show them right guidance. It is just like a shining ray on dark roads of despair and sorrows. It is remote possibility that by applying wazifa for disobedient wife on your partner’s current solicitations will change their behavior abruptly and make them obedient. You can make use of this Wazifa for disobedient wife under the supervision of our popular expert Islamic Wazifa specialist it can proves beneficial to inspect your wife and made them loyal. If your wife is rude for you, doesn’t respect you then you can grasp a hold on her by reciting this powerful magical wazifa woven with some hidden mystical powers generates a wave of mercy in their heart so that she will never tries to defy your command and do whatever you wanted to wish from her. While reading below wazifa for disobedient wife ablution is mandatory. Recite Darood-e-Ibraahimi eleven times. Read this below Wazifa 1000 times daily until you achieve your aim.

Wazifa : Yaa Waaliyo

یا والیوں

Wazifa for beautiful Wife

Every man has dream of getting a good and beautiful life who can manage their life according to necessity. Thus getting incredulous wife with beautiful, attractive and creative features is being a fortune for a wise man. If your wife has superb features than you get felicitated and if these quality combines with intelligence and sincerity then it will be as like as icing on cake. Thus if you wish to have such a wife which can as it is like your dreamt partner than here we are delivering you Wazifa for beautiful wife which will help you in in accomplishing your dreams of getting astonishing life partner. Thus you don’t hesitate our team of Islamic Wazifa specialist and expert astrologer are there to meet you with power of several wazifas thus Wazifa for beautiful wife is one of the amazing wazifa that can fulfill your desires easily. Read this wazifa up to 15 days daily to obtain a gorgeous and beautiful wife.

Wazifa: Wa Amma Al Ladhiina Abyaddat Wujuhuhum Fafi Rahmati Allahi Hum Fihaa Khaaliduna

اور اماں امام لادھين ابياددت وجوههم پھاپھي رهمتي الله ہم فها كھاليدون

Wazifa for Good Wife

Are you searching a well behaved and good mannered wife which can look your family and children’s best as possible? Then you are on a correct place we offers premium services to society creating an endless possibilities for better future. If you are destitute husband and want a wife by which your center of world revolves around your lovely wife. Thus our team of Islamic wazifa specialist can fulfill your dreams by providing you best Wazifa for good wife which can make your search end by finding a true dream partner for you. If you perceive a good relationship with a women who have good sense of understanding and whose thoughts or emotions has directly connected with you then we ensure you by reading wazifa for good wife you will get prompt results and you will receive very soon a company of such a life partner which can make your life beautiful and filled with happiness. Read Surah naamal verse 62 about 12000 times during a single sitting.

Wazifa: Aoozubillahi Minash Shaitaan Ir rajeem Bismillaah Ir Rahmaan Ir Raheem up to three times

Wazifa: Astaaghfirullaaha Rabbi, Laa Elaaha illaal lahu Mohammadur Rasool ul laah Sallallahu Alayhi waa Salam

Wazifa: Subhanal laahi Waalhamdu Lillaahi, waa laa ilaa ha ill lal laahu wallaahu Akbar up to 40 times

After it read surah fatiha one times and surah ikhilas three times.

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